Here are just a few samples of what customers say about Michael Manahan and the Biz Rap Team.

“Thank you, thank you. What a pleasure it was to interview with Mike Manahan, this guy is a big “STAR”. He organized every detail and then he followed up and explained everything he wanted to do, it was so smooth I couldn’t believe it. I’ve completed hundreds of interviews and this “expert” was the easiest and certainly the most intelligent to work with. Thank you, I appreciate your effort and I hope we’ll have more conversation together.”
Ted Thomas, Jones & Trevor Marketing

“I have utilized Mike’s services on two projects over the last 2 years and I am extremely impressed with his skill level and ability to consider all the financial aspects of my companies, not just what I mentioned to him. The modeling he did for SmartCSM helped to identify shortcomings in our business model and fix them before potential investors called us out on them. He considers the full picture and is able to get to a very granular detail and then point out the myriad of items that we left out or did not fully consider. I would advise that anyone looking for an interim CFO or a for some complex modeling utilize his services.“
Craig Caryl, President, SmartCSM

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Mike in several different areas of business. He’s helped me with presentations, fund-raising and most recently with projections. The man is a numerical wizard! He created a template for me that truly gives me a plan moving forward for inventory needs, cash flow and head count. Being able to identify the break even point gives me a real sense of confidence that my company “has legs” and will be a successful enterprise. Thanks to Mike, I’ll know when to expand head count and still come out with a profit. I can’t thank him enough for his knowledge and expertise! He is BRILLIANT and I am thankful to receive his consultative services.”
Kimberly Meckwood, President, Click and Carry

“Michael has helped Glow Electric really understand our numbers in a very friendly way. He explains the fine detail so that even a caveman can quickly understand past, present and future projections. Michael has help me get a firm grip on my financial statements and shown great business planning expertise for other companies I am involved with. I would not start a new project without him now.”
Tyson Schiltz, President, Glow Electric

“I have always been impressed by Mike’s diversity of business experience. He has not only served successfully as a senior financial executive, but he has started a number of small businesses, and also has successfully invested in real estate. Plus he is always ready to share his knowledge and experience with other business people. As a trustee for Santa Barbara City College I was involved from time to time with the hiring of new lecturers. Mike is definitely the type of person we would want teaching our students. You can see his enthusiasm for business and entrepreneurship shine through when he is speaking with others.”
Len Jarrott, President, Jarrott Real Estate

“Mike is well educated and has a tremendous amount of real-world experience in business, accounting and finance. However, although he is an expert and has worked at an executive level in finance, he is extremely good at explaining complex ideas in simple to grasp language so that even inexperienced people can understand what he is talking about. He never talks down to people, or talks above them.

I am very impressed by Michael’s passion for helping people. He gets excited over new business ideas and is always encourage people to “go for it.” He has been particularly helpful to me in managing a number of business challenges I have faced recently, with my own business.”
Charles Hays, President, Comanche Capital

“During my working relationship with Michael I have found him to be a person of the highest integrity. He has always under-promised and over-delivered, and I have never known him to misrepresent his capabilities, or his accomplishments. Further, Michael has the ability to take complex financial transactions and simplify them such that non-financial business people can readily understand them.

I particularly like working with Michael because of his honest, straightforward approach. In this day and age when it is often difficult to get a clear answer from someone, Michael makes a point of speaking with clarity and in terms that everyone can understand. He has the ability to quickly assess business situations and devise strategies to solve complex problems.”
Joe Bergin, SCOR Advisor and Small Business Owner

“The selection of (Mike’s Company) was indeed the result of an exhaustive search and due diligence process. We probably called over 100 small cap companies doing due diligence on our ‘finalists,’ and, in the end, we believe (Mike’s Company) was the clear victor. Some of the CEO comments we heard about Mike Manahan: ‘Mike is a pro. ‘Mike can take you to the next level — he has the contacts, experience, drive, and is available when you need him,’ and ‘he clearly has the right contacts for small cap companies — he specializes in servicing small cap companies.’”
Kelly Jones, Chief Executive Officer, GameCom

“Just wanted to let you know I’ve been getting a lot of very favorable comments on the business plan — Thank You!! It turns out that Pepperdine is having a business plan competition and I was selected as one of the first wave finalists. The angel investment group is also very impressed with the plan. I’m thrilled.”
Jeanette Cole, President, In-Sync Solutions

“In today’s uncertain financial markets, your company has delivered performance to our Company with Integrity, Intelligence and Hard Work. As our business partner you have enabled our company to achieve success in capitalizing our business plan and communicating our achievements to the investing public.”
Jonathan Bates, Executive Vice President, Cambridge Energy Corporation