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The Secrets to Raising Capital….

If you’re trying to raise money, you really need to know what most investors, lenders and money raisers won’t tell you. We call these the “The Secrets of Raising Capital.” We have seen deals fall apart for very simple reasons that could have been avoided if the company knew about these secrets. By knowing these secrets you can save time and the many pitfalls that will cause your deal to be overlooked by the guys with the money.

Business plan review….

Most lenders and investors will want to see your business plan. Most companies, big or small, have a business plan. Some are better than others. The problem with most business plans is that they are written by the company that is trying to obtain capital and no one outside of the company has reviewed or opined on the plan. Often business plans include information that is incorrect, inconsistent, or improbable. At best, this information can bring up embarrassing questions from the money guys, at worst, they pass on your deal because they think your business plan is not well thought out.

We recommend that every business have someone outside of the company take a critical look at the business plan. In fact, we recommend that you consider having your business plan reviewed by Biz Rap Consulting. Our team of consultants have written and read hundreds of business plans. We know what the money guys are looking for, what should be included and what should not be included, and how to present your plan so that it tells your story in the best way possible.

Deal summary….

Looking for capital means getting your deal in front of money guys—whether they be lenders, investors, fund managers or investment bankers. But remember, these guys see dozens of deals every week. They are not going to read your 50 page business plan in detail to determine if there is an interest. They need to see a quick summary of your business, and what you are looking for. A well written one or two page summary is a key tool in getting your story across. That snapshot will mean the difference between a return phone call, or the money guys passing and going on to the next opportunity.

Financial Projections….

We have seen many excellent business plans but even excellent plans fall apart if they are not supported by a well prepared set of financial projections. Inconsistency between the written plan, and the financial projections, have killed many a deal. Critical to the projections is that they reflect the assumptions contained in the business plan. If you are trying to borrow money, are you showing where the profits will come from to repay that money? If you are looking for expansion capital, does the investment of that expansion capital demonstrate increased revenue and profitability? Are your growth rates, A/R collection rates, interest rate assumptions, margins, cost of labor and other assumptions realistic, and believable? If you are concerned that a professional money guy might find your financial projections suspect, then maybe you need to have our projections reviewed by one of our experts.

We can also provide other consulting services to help you raise the capital you need. Our services include the following:

– Writing business plans
– Preparing financial projections
– Preparing power point presentations
– Coaching CEOs and CFOs on pitching the deal.

If you are interested in any of these other services, please email us at or call us at 213-675-6157.