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Manahan - Educator, Financial Strategist, Author, Entrepreneur

Michael Manahan, is an educator, financial strategist, author and entrepreneur. Mr. Manahan is a business consultant, a professor of finance and accounting at California State University Dominguez Hills, a Lead Mentor with the South Bay Entrepreneurial Center, the host of Biz Rap Radio and the author of the Secrets to Raising Capital.  He received his masters of business administration from Pepperdine in 1992 and has completed his course work for a Doctorate in Organization Change (ABD).  Mr. Manahan is the owner and key executive of Biz Rap Org. Through his years of being active in business he has developed an expansive network of associates and experts and often brings in other key individuals to work on a give project or assignment.

Raised $150 Million for Businesses

As a financial advisor, consultant and hands-on practitioner, Mr. Manahan has raised approximately $150 million for client companies and employers. Frustrated with the failure of early stage, funded enterprises, he developed the Strategic Quadrant Theory of operational success. That Theory’s model pictures a successful business enterprise as a matrix or web that intertwines strategy, capital, leadership and organizational design resulting in a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. Operational success is put at risk by the enterprise that focuses excessively on one quadrant, at the expense of another.

Expert in Change Management

An advocate of change management, Mr. Manahan observes: “Effective change is the culmination of superior communication combined with observable action. You cannot simply tell organizational participants to change. You must engage them in the change process through education, through persuasion and perhaps most importantly, through demonstration.  The change practitioner who cannot ‘roll up his or her sleeves’ to make things happen, has limited chance of success.  And of course, in a business environment, change always has financial ramifications. If a change effort does not ultimately foster financial improvement, an observer could legitimately question the need for change in the first place.”

Professor of Finance and Accounting

Pursuing a life-long love of educating, Mr. Manahan has held numerous engagements to coach CEOs in effective communication styles and management strategies, and is also a lecturer in the School of Business and Public Policy at California State University, Dominguez Hills where he teaches accounting, entrepreneurial finance and business communications to CEOs of the future.

Communications Expert

Mr. Manahan on communication and organization change: “Communication and organization change have striking similarities. Both are about outcome management. The challenge is to develop communication and change techniques that deliver desired outcomes. As both communication and change are designed to achieve results or actions through others, the focus must be on designing communication and change techniques that motive people to action, however challenging that might be.”

Advisor to More Than 100 Management Teams

Mr. Manahan has worked with more than 100 management teams, as an external consultant or advisor, and as a member of the management team.  He has held the position of chief financial officer for four companies, including three publicly traded companies and a division of a multi-billion dollar furniture manufacturer. He has held senior finance positions in a number of other companies.

30 Years Experience as a Finance Executive

Mr. Manahan has more than 30 years of financial, executive, organizational and strategic management experience with a diverse group of companies operating in such sectors as real estate development, industrial distribution, consumer and industrial services, computer software, Internet, healthcare, food manufacturing, entertainment, energy, furniture manufacturing and consumer products. Further, Mr. Manahan has assisted companies in structuring and completing joint ventures, acquisitions, divestitures, financings and reorganizations, as well as coaching companies through the pre-IPO stage. Mr. Manahan has extensive experience in SEC reporting, corporate finance, public markets, investor relations and corporate development.

Business Owner and Professional Accountant

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Manahan has founded seven small businesses operating in travel, real estate, publishing, retail, health services, entertainment and financial services.  Mr. Manahan is a Certified General Accountant (comparable to a CPA) in the province of British Columbia, Canada, and a graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology with a major in financial management.

Author of "The Secrets to Raising Capital"

Mr. Manahan is the author of the layman's guide to raising money for your business and corporate finance, "The Secrets to Raising Capital."