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Celebrating the Engines of Our Economy - Small Business

Biz Rap Radio is the only radio show that celebrates the real engines of our economy and the drivers of both employment and economic growth – entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Did you know that most new jobs in the United States are created by small businesses? Did you know that the majority of workers in the United States work for small businesses? Did you know there are close to 30 million small businesses in the United States?

30 Millions Small Businesses Creating Jobs

Yet read any business section in your local newspaper. Who’s in the headlines? General Motors, Comcast, American Airlines, Citibank and Facebook. It seems business news revolves around massive corporations with very little discussion about those 30 million small businesses that create most of the jobs and employ most of the people. Further, when it’s time to “fix” the economy, who is the Federal Reserve or the Government bailing out? These very same leviathan organizations, while the small businesses are left to fend for themselves, or worse, go bankrupt. Further, these big businesses pay millions of dollars to lobbyists to cook the rules and regulations so that these big businesses get preferential treatment, whether it be tax breaks, government handouts or exemptions from the very rules and regulations the rest of us have to live with.

Who's Fighting for Small Business in America?

It’s time to fight back. And the key to fighting back is knowledge and information. You don’t have to be a Harvard MBA or a Six Sigma expert to run an efficient, organized and profitable small business that treats its customers well, is environmentally conscious and makes a nice profit for the owners.

So take a journey with Biz Rap Radio. Listen, learn and participate. Discover best practices, how to fund your business, how to navigate all of the complex rules and regulations, how to set yourself apart from the competition, and how to put more money in your pocket.

America Needs our Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

America needs you. We need every entrepreneur and small business owner out there, and we need everyone who is thinking about starting a business, or about being an entrepreneur, to make it happen. We read somewhere that the American Dream was about owning a house with a white picket fence. That’s never been the American Dream and that concept of the American Dream was fabricated by someone who didn’t really want you to succeed. The real American Dream has always been about your individual freedom to achieve prosperity and success.  And the more of our citizens who do that, the better off we are as a country. The best way of doing that is owning your own business, where you’re the master of your destiny and your paycheck isn’t tied into board room decision making. When the executives at a big company screw up, it’s not the executives who get canned—it’s you!

Individuals, Pursuing Their Own Economic Self Interest, Create Prosperity

Thousands of years ago business began when people discovered that they could sell something they produced to someone else who wanted it, for a profit. Since then business enterprise, and primarily small businesses, have been driving the economies of cities and countries, and improving the conditions of average people all over the globe.  Are you a small business person? Are you an entrepreneur? Would you rather work for yourself than for the government or some big corporation? If so help us at Biz Rap Radio to fix the United States of America through a fundamental concept that individuals, pursuing their own economic interests in free markets, will create more prosperity for more people than can ever be achieved through government regulations and a planned economy.

Listen, Learn and Achieve

Are you ready?  Listen to our show. Ask questions and let us find the answers for you. Support our fight for small businesses and the entrepreneurs of America. Learn from our experts. Make money and then spend it on you, your family, your friends and helping others who are trying to achieve what you’ve achieved.

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November 11, 2016
Reputation Crew
Topic: Understanding Google and Enhancing Search Engine Rankings
Guest: Joel Wissing

November 4, 2016
P10 Productivity Accellerator Training
Topic: Productivity - Stop the Tug of War With Time
Guest: Penny Zencker

October 28, 2016
Ethos Contemporary Art Gallery
Topic: From Artist to Entreprenuer
Guest: Georgana Ireland

October 21, 2016
The Final Step and Thed Needs Based Method
Topic: Understanding the "Why" Behind Dysfunctial & Destructive Behavior
Guest: Michael Oden & Alina Ugas

October 14, 2016
Four Penny House
Topic: How to Compete in the Crowded Restarant Space with your Start Up.
Guest: Peter Soutowood

October 7, 2016
Coast Consultants
Topic: Being an Entrepreneur and Your Business's Intellectual Property
Guest: Ron Berman

September 30, 2016
Corporate Culture Development
Topic: Communications and the Seven Hurdles to Selling Investors on Your Deal
Guest: Bill Stierle, CEO

September 23, 2016
CFO for Rent
Topic: Using a Part Time CFO to Leverage Your Accounting/Finance Team
Guest: Gene Siciliano

September 16, 2016
WTFFF? 3D Printing Podcast and Hazz Designs
Topic: Promoting Yourself and/or Your Product Through a Podcast
Guest: Tracy Leigh Hazzard

September 9, 2016
Dr. L J, Therapist, Author and Health Living Expert
Topic: Designing a Course to Promote Your Product, Education Customers or Earn Income
Guest: LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D. aka “Dr. L J”

September 2, 2016
Three Squared Inc.
Topic: Raising Capital & Constructing Buildings Using Used Shipping Containers
Guest: Leslie Horn

August 26, 2016
Ted Thomas - America's Tax Lien Certificate & Tax Deed Authority
Topic: Making Money By Purchasing Tax Liens and Tax Deeds
Guest: Ted Thomas

August 19, 2016
Topic: Getting Loans from Private Investors
Guest: Mike Soon

August 12, 2016
Genius Juice
Topic: Raising Capital and All Natural Coconut Smoothies
Guest: Alex Bayer, CEO

August 4, 2016
Turnstone Capital
Topic: Financing and Rehabing Multi Family Properties
Guest: John Ward, CEO

July 28, 2016
California Lithium Battery Inc.
Topic: Battery Technology and Challenges in Raising Funds
Guest: Phil Roberts, CEO

July 21, 2016
Positive Image & WestCal Academy
Topic: Pitching Your Business to Investors/Student Interns
Guest: Randy Klinenberg, Business & Personal Manager

July 14, 2016
SBA SCOR Program
Topic: Free Mentorship for Your Business
Guest: Joe Bergin, SCOR Counselor

July 7, 2016
Smart CSM Inc.
Topic: Building Systems Mapping Technology Raising Capital
Guest: Craig Caryl, President

October 2, 2015
President Shai Reshef, University of the People
Topic - “An Ultra-Low-Cost College Degree”
Go to website to apply to enroll for free classes, volunteer, or find out more info

Sept. 25, 2015
Jim Dygert, Former Office of the Comptroller, Current Executive Staff CEO Space 
and Performance Management Institute
Topic: "Collaborative Capitalism, CEO Space International and Creating Culture through Performance Management"
Website: Ask for a free: Financial Scoreboard widget on the website

Sept 18, 2015
Ross Halleck, Owner Halleck Vinyard
"How I ended up being a Vintner, and how to brand your business in the Luxury Market"
Become an Inner Circle Wine Club Member at:

Sept 11, 2015
Gail Brown, President & Co-Founder of Engaging Speakers
Topic: "How to promote yourself as a Speaker if you are a Small Business Owner"

Sept. 4, 2015
Kathy Bee Hampton, CEO Touching Lives Multi Media, Inc.
Topics: How to manage multiple roles as an entrepreneur.Producing a TV show without raising millions of dollars.
websites: Event & Production Space Downey, CA Professional Site

August 28, 2015
Burke Franklin, Creator of JIAN
Topic: An interview with "The Man who helped launch a million businesses" 150 plus schools worldwide with BizPlanBuilder software, and more than 2 million entrepreneurs have used it!

August 21, 2015
Phillip Walker, Founder Network Solutions Provider
Topic: "Choosing the correct software and expertise in IT can make or break your business. Ask the experts."
Mention Biz Rap for complementary consultation on your IT issues and/or comparison of systems. e-mail:

August 14, 2015
Al Knobloch, CEO HK Wealth Management, Inc.
Topic: "Don't fall in love with your investments and marry them, there are ways to reinvest your capital to make better returns for yourself, your company and your employees."
(Please call Al for a complementary consultation for your company (serving the $5-10 million revenue or assets)  310-482-2352
Email: Phone: 310-482-2352

August 7, 2015
Natalie Forest, Ph.D - Success Revolutions
Topic: "Revolutionize Your Life - Your Business - Your Way" - The Hidden Power of Patterns.
Offers a free consultation on how to start your business
visit her website:
Twitter and FB: NatalieForest

July 31, 2015
Robert L. Sly of WealthSmart America
Topic: "Turning Business Equity into Personal Wealth"
Email: Phone: 614.260.6619

July 24, 2105
Grace Lee, CEO Business Etiquette Mastery
Topic: 40 years ago, Business Etiquette went away, why did it go away and why is it so important? website:
Download a Free Copy of: Business Etiquette Mastery on the website
website: Phone: 661-347-6330

July 17, 2015
Gene N. Lundrum, Ph.D., Founder: Chuck E. Cheese, Professor Emeritus and Author, Lecturer
Topic:  "Conversation with Inductee of the CEO Entrepreneur Hall of Fame, Gene Landrum, founder Chuck E. Cheese and 4 other multi million dollar businesses."
Website: E-mail Gene for a free book of quotes with purchase of Gene's latest  book: "Icons and Con Artists" autographed by Gene himself!

July 10, 2015
Ruth King, CEO Profitability Revolution, Author
Topic: "How to assess Profitablity for your company and how tocreate more!"
Profitability Revolution - free business channel:
E-mail Ruth for profit sharing formula: Download Apps, free books and find out about membership on website.

July 3, 2015
Andrew Kamphey, Twitter Master, Kamphey Approved
"Getting a Massive Following on Twitter"
Twitter: @KampheyApproved

June 26, 2015
Ron Klein, Author, Mentor, Consultant, Inventor
Interview with "The Grandfather of Possibilities," Ron Klein - inventor of the Magnetic Credit Card Strip, the MLS system and many other things that make business easier.

June 19, 2015
Adam Anthony CEO/President, Universal Brands, Inc.
Topic: "Entering the highly competitive Personal Care Space with a distinct Competitive Edge" and an update on Crowdfunding
Twitter: @CreoOriginals
Instagram: creooriginals
Pinterest: creooriginals
Kickstarter Campaign begins 6/23/2105

June 12, 2015
Lauren Acevedo & Kenneth Aguilar of Modern Serenity
Topic: Two enterprising College Students address a problem on campus, form a non profit, and create an advertising opportunity for other businesses. (775) 771-6027 (775) 762-5062

June 5, 2015
Dan Monaghan, President, WSI Digital Marketing Pioneer
Topic: "Helping David slay Goliath with Digital Marketing" and the Make Child Poverty History organization.
Website for Non-Profit:
Free Download of Digital Marketing Guide: (905) 678-7588