Biz Rap Deals

From time to time at Biz Rap we share with our colleagues and customers opportunities to invest in Biz Rap client companies. Not just any company gets to be featured on Biz Rap Deals. It must be a company that Biz Rap is actively working with and where the Biz Rap team has reviewed the business plan, the financial projections and the business valuation. A Biz Rap Deal must be one where we are confident that the business has a very high degree of likelihood that it will achieve its goals and objectives and where we believe the management team is both capable of executing on its plan, and will do so with a high degree of moral and ethical integrity. We invite you to consider investing in the Biz Rap Deals featured below.   Note that most of our featured deals are suitable only for high net worth individuals, accredited investors and sophisticated investors.




Building Systems Mapping Company

This Building Systems Mapping Company sells a cloud based solution that manages electrical infrastructure, HVAC and plumbing data mapping for industrial and multi-unit buildings. The solution cuts costs by reducing redundant mapping, eliminates lost physical maps and tracks changes in real time.  The platform also reduces potential catastrophic unintentional system shut downs, improves safety, maintenance and contractor accountability.  The target market for this high-profit, no competition, niche product is the 2 million over 40,000 square feet commercial and multi-unit buildings in the US. Version 1.0 of the software is currently being deployed with clients such as Raytheon, DHL and the Salvation Army.  The company is raising $1 million to complete development of Version 2.0 and to roll out the product on a national basis by partnering with major electrical, HVAC and plumbing contractors nationwide. For more information click here.

3D Printing Company

This 3D Printing Company has purchased two state-of-the-art 3D printers from the manufacturer in Germany.  These two printers are located in the company's facility which is in the heart of the Los Angeles aerospace industry, and the company is currently "printing" titanium and aluminum components for use in satellites and other high-tech space and flight applications.  Growth in 3D printing is exploding, demand is strong, competition is limited and profit margins are very high.  The company's current customers include a number of high-profile aerospace and technology companies.  The company is raising $1 million for working capital and marketing.  For more information click here.


Silicone Graphene Lithium Ion Battery Technology Company

This company has developed a next generation battery material for lithium ion batteries (like the ones in your phone, power tools and Tesla automobiles) that uses silicone graphene.  Silicone graphene extends the battery life, allows for faster charging, operates at cooler temperature than conventional lithium ion batteries and increases the amount of energy that can be stored in each battery.  The company has just completed building a reactor to manufacture this compound, and is currently in the testing phase with a number of manufactures.  Commercial shipping of this battery compound is anticipated to begin in the near term.  The company is seeking capital, customers and strategic partners. For more information click here.