Biz Rap Code Of Ethics

Biz Rap Code Of Ethics

As a professional consulting firm providing services to businesses and other organizations, we commit to supporting and acting within the following guidelines:


Accept responsibility for the consequences of our acts and make every effort to ensure that our services are properly used.


Recognize the limits of our competence and capabilities and refer clients to other professionals, or work with other professionals, when appropriate.


Strive to attain and maintain a professional level of competence in our fields of expertise through on-going education, training and inquiry.


Strive continually for self-knowledge and personal growth and be aware that our values, beliefs and aspirations are primary determinants of our own perceptions and behavior.


Attempt to serve the short- term and long-term welfare, interests, and development of clients and stakeholders.


Discuss candidly and fully goals, costs, risks limitations and anticipated outcomes of our services, and fully inform client members about our role, contribution, and strategy in working with them.


Work collaboratively with other internal and external consultants serving the same client and resolve conflicts in terms of balanced best interests of client and stakeholders.


Encourage and enable our clients to provide for themselves the services we provide, rather than foster continued reliance on us.


Cease work with a client, or change the scope of the relationship, when it is clear that the client is not benefiting from the relationship as structured.


Avoid conflicts of interest and disclose situations and/or circumstances that might give rise to conflicts of interest, perceived or otherwise.


Define and protect the confidentiality of our client-professional relationships.


Establish mutual agreement on written contract covering scope of services and remuneration.


Safeguard the best interests of the client and the public by making sure the financial arrangements are fair and in keeping with appropriate statutes, regulations and professional standards.

Make public statements of all kinds accurately, including promotion and advertising, and give service as advertised.


Act with due regard for the needs, special competencies, and obligations of my colleagues and other professionals and the organizations with which they are associated.


Work actively for the ethical practice by individuals and organizations engaged in servicing our clients, and in case of questionable practice, use appropriate channels for confronting it.


Strive for the preservation and protection of fundamental human rights and the promotion of social justice.


Contribute knowledge, skill and other resources in support of organizations, programs, and activities that seek to improve human welfare.


Respect the cultures, organizations, community, country, or other human systems with which we work.


Recognize that accepting this statement as a guide for our behavior involves holding ourselves to a standard that may be more exacting that the laws of any country in which we reside.


Serve the welfare of all the people of Earth, all living things, and their environment.

* Note: Adapted, in part, from the Ethical Guidelines for an Organization Development/Human Systems Development Professional as developed by the Human Systems Development Consortium.